A Very Barren Approach To Comics Books

Momar Van Der Camp writes,

Hello everyone! It’s been a little while since we’ve spoken, but I’m back now and I’ve got a brand new comic book project to share with you. This time, I’d love to talk to you about the comic book series: Barrens.


Barrensis a comic book series that I’m co-creating alongside a number of wonderful people, first of all, Bryan Timmins, a comic book artist and animator that I’ve known for a number of years and I’ve always wanted to work with. He was helpful and amazing in helping me get my last issue of the first arc of Solitary completed, so I knew I had to get him involved in something with me soon. And this project presented itself pretty quickly after the end of Solitary, because of the next two people involved:

Erin Lei and Iggy Michniacki are two more people I’ve known for a number of years and have gotten to know really well over the convention circuit. Erin was one of the first people to interview me about my comics and because of that, I’ve been friends with them ever since. And now here we are, making comics together. That’s how I like to work I guess, make friends first and then make comics, haha.

Now let’s talk about Barrensand Project-Nerd Publishing, a new project pursued by Iggy and Erin and the team at Project-Nerd and one that I am so insanely proud to be involved (so excited to be involved in that I didn’t wait to jump in when they asked me to be involved and actually turned into two comics with them pretty fast, ha).


Barrensis my first project with them and I’ll let the Kickstarter speak for itself here:

The world is barren. Just a few major cities remain and they are inhabited by the wealthy. With their money, they survived the warfare… the virus. But others survived too.

Those who won’t serve the wealthy live in the barrens, surviving on their own. But with how dangerous the barrens can be, the wealthy actually need the filthy. Hired escorts are paid handsomely to bring the wealthy from one city to another. Protecting them on the journey. Others are paid to act as mercenaries, task forces, and more.

Of all the professionals, the amateurs, and even the chumps cheating the customers…one person stands out. Her name is Esme Ford.”

That’s the basic gist, and the Kickstarter will dive deeper and deeper into the series. The majority of the series will focus on Esme and her team, but mostly Esme, who will be cosplayed by Erin and will be the focal point for a number of big things to come, but the series is going to explore this world, this team, and what it means to be escorts for the rich and famous in a post-apocalyptic world. Why would anyone want to do that? And why would one of them have cold feet about it after years of hard work and team-building?

Please join us and help us spread the word in this series. Please pledge, please share, please talk it up on any and all social media and please just help us get the word out.

And because we love you, we want to offer something special just because of Bleeding Cool!



For $75, you’ll be able to get the bundle only available because of Bleeding Cool and all the help they do in getting the word out for Kickstarters. For $75, you’ll get every single version of the comic (that’s the standard, the black/white version, the cosplay variant, and the special Kickstarter variant), you’ll get a print, and two t-shirts! There are four shirts to choose from and a number of different prints, so you’ll have a nice choice to make a couple times.


Please help us get the word out as I said and thank you so much for your time. We would love to get Esme and her team out there, and we would love for you to read our incredible series!

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