Princess Leia Slave Figures Jump In Value On eBay

We have global news that Disney are retiring the “Slave Leia” look,or as some prefer it “Hutt Killer” look for Princess Leia in merchandising. And all started from one comic book creator on Facebook.

And despite the huge oversupply of toys of those figures that portray that look for the character, the idea that there will be no more from this iconic, if troubling image, have spurred demand for what is actually still out there.

The Star Wars Power Of The Force “Prisoner Of Jabba The Hutt” Princess Leia figure from 1997 used to sell on eBay for as little as a dollar.

s-l1600 (8)

Not so much any more. Today, one just sold for $20.

The Gentle Giant Bust has jumped from less that $80 in September to $150 (out of box) now.

s-l1600 (7)

While the Gentle Giant Deluxe Statue selling for $140 in September has jumped as high as $700.


While Sideshow’s Leia statue selling for $408 in September has now sold for over $740.

s-l1600 (10)


The Vintage Collection figure that sold for $80 in October now sells for $145

s-l1600 (11)

While the Black Series Leia figure, selling for as low as $10 is now as high as $61.

s-l1600 (12)

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