Tommy Wiseau On James Franco's The Disaster Artist And Its "Cool Story"

Tommy Wiseau On James Franco’s The Disaster Artist And Its “Cool Story”

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Tommy_Wiseau_in_The_RoomThe Room director Tommy Wiseau visited the American Film Market in Los Angeles to help promote Samuari Cop 2, the sequel to another terrible, but cult classic film. In the sequel, Wiseau will appear as a bad guy attempt to stop Samurai Cop from achieving his goals.

The Hollywood Reporter chatted with Wiseau about the The Room‘s enduring popularity and the upcoming James Franco film, The Disaster Artist, in which Franco will play Wiseau in front of the camera and direct. Of course, for specific details, Wiseau said “you have to go to James Franco. That’s the agreement I have.”

Wiseau maintained that the book upon which the film is based, Greg Sestero’s The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room reflects 45% of the truth, but that the core story is certainly worthy of a film. “I think it’s a cool story, an American story: a guy coming from Europe with long hair, nobody support him and suddenly everybody supports him. I think it’s a good story,” he said.

The Room director is convinced Franco’s film will bring a bigger audience to his film, but he’s happy — if a little uncomfortable — with its off-kilter success. “I always say, we’ve been seeing The Room for 12 years. Next year will be its 13th anniversary. I’m very proud of what I did,” he said. “Some of the time, you guys say quirky stuff about The Room, but that’s OK. But the long-story short, I’m happy where I am now.”

Wiseau also said he may take the film to China at some point and he has loose plans to convert the film into 3D.

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