Han Solo *Did* Get Married To Sana Solo In Star Wars…. Ish

In the current Star Wars comic book from Marvel, we have met a new character, Sana Solo.

Scan 27

Much to Han Solo’s protestations.


So no, it doesn’t go over well.


And Han Solo gets himself a new catchphrase.


“She’s not my wife” to accompany “Luke I am your father” and “Use the force!”


Only thing is, as we find out in Star Wars today…


…she is his wife.

IMG_0038 Ish. Sorry Han, in the eyes of many folk that would still count. Certainly Sana Solo thinks so. What’s a bounty hunter to do? Maybe he just need the love of a good Wookie.


Well, he is awfully cuddly.

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, opening an exhibition of cartoonists paying tribute to creators, characters and stories that have had an impact in their own work, including Siobhan Alcaide, John Allison, Andy Barron,Hannah Berry, Robert Brown, , Alessandra Criseo, William Exley, Jack Fallows, James Gifford, Julian Hanshaw, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, Mike Medaglia, Philippa Rice, Julia Scheele, Hamish Steele, Jack Teagle, Donya Todd and Tillie Walden. Opening night Friday 6th at 7pm, running through November.


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