Is That Duracell Star Wars Commercial Spoiling The Force Awakens?

If you’re avoiding Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers, look away now.

According to Cinema Blend, a small number of fans of the Star Wars series are apparently up in arms over one of the finest pieces of Star Wars filmmaking in decades: a Duracell battery commercial.


The utterly charming ad, “The Battle for Christmas Morning,” is the work of Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy and might be the warmest Star Wars product advertisement since the commercials for Kenner‘s Star Wars action figures in the late 1970s and early 80s. The production values are certainly higher, but both capture that sense of the larger world and imaginative play Star Wars toys can offer children (even into their forties) as they destroy snowmen/snowtroopers or turn their backyard into the Battle of Endor. One thing the ad slyly notes is that parents get Star Wars as much as kids now.

So you might be wondering where the fuss is. It has to do with the little girl in the Rey costume using the Force. For months, fan circles more obsessed with sussing out plot details have considered the possibility that Daisy Ridley‘s character may have Force abilities and this commercial appears to be confirmation. Cue the gnashing of teeth.

Granted, certain sectors of the fan base will get mad at any provocation. Whether or not Rey will in fact use the Force in the film remains to be seen; and if she does, it isn’t all that shocking a reveal. In the meantime, the commercial stands as an oddly sweet reminder of a more innocent time when Joey down the block had an official lightsaber toy and was happy to invite Rebecca and Jimmy to help defend the galaxy from the Empire.

And even if it’s selling batteries or spoiling a new movie, the ad is a very successful use of the nostalgia people feel for Star Wars at the moment.