Will Red Giant Entertainment Get Into Toys R Us?

GS_Action_0_2Red Giant Entertainment is a comic publisher that’s been doing some peculiar things. They have turned up in prominent spots at San Diego Comic Con, they pushed out packs of their comics for Free Comic Book Day, bound up in one offering, and have promised to send out all their comics to retailers for free making money on the advertising, stating they had 900,000 print runs

They are also a publicly traded company with various nefarious allegations about how they run their stock, with all manner of shell companies from a tight body of investigators being highlighted. I would say that it is currently a penny stock, but that would be generous.

Well the current fuss is all about whether or not Red Giant manages to launch the bagged giantsize comics for Toys R Us on the 4th November.

If so, some people will make bank. If not, the bank may break them….

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