Bill Jemas Writes To All Comic Book Retailers With Free Comics

2940374Bill Jemas has sent a letter to all comic book retailers in the USA with free copies of the first and second Double Take Superpacks of ten launch zombie titles, all sequels to Night Of The Living Dead, one of which, X-Men, has already been optioned as a movie.

He writes,


I know many of you from my days at Marvel and had the pleasure of meeting a good number of you this year at the Diamond Retailer Summit in Baltimore. We learned there that many of the things Double Take did differently resonated with retailers—especially how we packaged our 10 1st issues into a single bundle called the "Super Pack".

We heard lots of positive things in Baltimore from those that were already carrying our books, including that the Super Packs were outperforming our individual titles in sales.

We also heard from many that had no idea that we or the Super Packs existed.

To that end, included in your shipment this week are 2 Super Packs: One of our 1st issues and one of our 2nd issues. We feel it's the only way to truly show you what the Super Pack is all about.

The Super Packs have a retail value of $20 and allow fans to pick up all 10 connected titles at a discount from the already low $2.50 cover price of our books.

The low barrier to entry coupled with attractive packaging makes this a fun new way for fans to pick up the books. For retailers, it allows the spot you place it in to quickly become the highest margin spot in your store.

If you have any questions about Double Take, the Super Pack, our future plans, or would like to chat with me, please reach out to our Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Gabe Yocum. He can talk with you about promotional items, events and any ideas you may have to make both our products and your stores as successful as possible.

Gabe can be reached at:

Office: 646-536-2842 Ext. 4214

Mobile: 718-307-8711


I truly hope that you enjoy these Super Packs and I look forward to making a market together.

Bill Jemas

Well we all know how to contact Gabe now…

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