Doctor Who Companion K9 To Get His Own Feature Film

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k9According to the official K9 website and Facebook page, the former Doctor Who companion will embark on a feature film outing. The news was announced by co-creator Bob Baker over the weekend at the Doctor Who Appreciation Society convention.

The film, entitled K9: Timequake, will see the robot dog, voiced by John Leeson, face off against renegade Time Lord Omega — another Baker co-creation — in a film expected to be released in 2017.

Baker, along with co-writer Dave Martin, created K9 in 1977 for the Doctor Who story “The Invisible Enemy.” Intended as a one-off character, producer Graham Williams decided to keep K9 on board the TARDIS and he (or subsequent versions of him) served as a companion until the 1981 story, “Warriors’ Gate.” He later appeared in the one-off K9 and Company with Elisabeth Sladen reprising her role as former Who companion Sarah Jane Smith.

The two were seen again in the 2006 Doctor Who story “Class Reunion,” which led to Sladen reprising her character in four seasons of The Sarah Jane Adventures. K9 made a handful of appearances on the show as he embarked on his own Australian children’s series, K9, in 2009. A second season was long expected before Baker announced this new development.

According to the Facebook page, casting and other announcements will be made in the coming months.

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