Captain America – On The Side Of Snowden And Manning This Time?

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Back in 2011, I wrote a piece about he Steve Rogers Captain America being written by Nick Spencer as vehemently opposed to the allegoricalised actions of Julian Assange and the soldier then known as Bradley Manning.
 He had lots of speeches to make.



But the Wikileaks allegory was clear.

As was the Manning one. (That’s USAgent there, by the way, not Cap. I know it gets confusing)


He has speeches to make as well.

The Guardian and the New York Times were all newspapers that reprinted and contextualised the ambassadorial leaks that made Wikileaks worldwide infamous. So naturally Steve Rogers had to solve the situation by punching him.


With time for one last speech.

Which is where the allegories broke down rather, as it’s rather debatable as to whether anyone died due to the Wikileaks situation, and information broadcast was redacted.

Well, Captain America is in the news again for the new Cap, Sam Wilson, having what are seen as anti-conservative, pro-liberal views. You know, like he was created to have, even despite the innate conservative nature of the superhero form.

Well the next issue, as previewed on CBR, again written by Nick Spencer, steps this up a notch. With SHIELD files being leaked to the public revealing a secret government program, Kobik, using Cosmic Cubes to alter the nature of reality.



Which is, by the way, an utterly brilliant allegory. Would you accept such a program, in the face of alien invasion, world ending incursion, and imminent destruction, with the knowledge that it could be used to, I don’t know, delete the Fantastic Four and mutants from ever having existed in the Marvel Universe? Or change the results of an election? Or give Phil Coulson a larger penis?

CAPA2015002-int-LR2-4-2d0a9It’s the “lives at risk” argument yet again. And this Captain America, Sam Wilson coming out against such a principle.

But what about Steve Rogers? Is he sticking to his guns again? Despite not actually carrying one? Of has he gone over to Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning’s way of looking at things?



Well he was on Sam Wilson’s side… for a little while at least….

Sam Wilson: Captain America #2 is published on October 28th by Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuna from Marvel Comics.



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