Chuck Palahniuk Is Already Writing Issue 6 Of Fight Club 3: The Cheater’s Gambit

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FightClub2_coverset2.0Chuck Palahniuk, writer of the original Fight Club novel and its comic book sequel with Cameron Stewart and Dark Horse Comics, Fight Club 2 isn’t stopping there.

Talking to ex-Bleeding Cooler Chris Thompson‘s Orbital In Conversation Podcast above, Palahniuk looked at the ways he and Stewart have experimented with the medium, to look like a page has been destroyed in printing, to portray blood washing away the printed ink of the panel, placing real objects on top of pills and more of the kind of thing you can read about here. We can also look forward to David Mack’s work seeping into to the inside pages as well.

But he also talked about his decision to call the comic Fight Club 2.

We need some kind of a nomenclature for keeping track if these things, Why not call it Fight Club 2, the next one Fight Club 3, but they would each have a subtitle, The Tranquility Gambit, the next one The Cheater’s Gambit. They would have this numbering system but the real title would be the sub-title.

And regarding the content,

“It has some of the most atrocious stuff, beyond Mad Magazine, beyond South Park, atrocious stuff, I’m already up on issue 6…”

That’s really called working ahead… Dark Horse declined to comment, but I have no doubt that they will happily cooperate with Palahniuk on what has been their breakout hit of the year in comic book stores. But, as with Frank Miller talking about his WW2-set Sin City comic, it’s probably a while away from announcement yet.


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