Anima, When A Giant Whale Crashes On Your Workplace

a1 Davide Migliore writes,

What happen when a giant whale crashes on your workplace, a chaotic demon hunter gets in your way and you end up getting lost in a strange new dimension?

We will answer to these questions with a comic book, ANIMA, a fantasy comic book, created by a young and gifted author Chiara Zuliani.

The book will be her debut work, it will be developed into many stand-alone volumes, and to fund the first we decided to create a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter (they recently included Italy among the eligible countries).


In this first volume Marco is the main character and he’s deeply trapped into a depressing routine, until something falls from the sky: a giant whale crashing on the supermarket where he works, a demon hunter getting in his way as he gets lost into an alternate dimension, the Village, a fantastic place filled with strange magical creatures, where reality is in a constant whirlwind of change.

After Anima we will meet Hormon, Oblak, Nebe, Alastor, Rama and many more! Demons, cute demons, cute biting demons, warriors, hit-men, scholars and researchers, puppet robots and lots of other things too.


Anima has style peculiarities related to modern eastern aesthetic but built up into European narrative codes. Anima is a bright and cool project with a fast beat; a fun fantasy adventure, with a story full of plot twists, battles, but also deep self-exploration, emotional issues, irony and self-irony.


Anima’s aesthetic takes inspiration directly from what Chiara loves: videogames such as Kingdom Hearts and The legend of Zelda, but also animation with Evangelion, Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann.

In addition to this, her major inspiration is her love for Japan; in fact her style is highly eastern-inspired: her comic panels contain many references to the elegance of the director Hayao Miyazaki, the Studio Gainax works such as FLCL and Aim for the Top 2! and the whole production of Satoshi Kon.

Lastly we can’t ignore that American animation has an influence too, with Adventure Time and Steven Universe; where magical elements are particularly prevalent.


The Kickstarter campaign will end on the 17th November with a fixed goal of 44.500 € to reach that will make it possible to deliver the comic and the rewards within the deadline. The volume will be available both in Italian and English. The prestigious Italian printing company FONTEGRAFICA will print the book in 100 lines high-definition as they did with our former work Lumina (already published on Bleeding Cool and with the printed book of Ernest Egg.

Aside from the book, several other types of rewards have been offered to better satisfy audience demand: from the single physical and digital copy of the book, to the book plus gadgets, or various personalized objects like pins, bags, t-shirt and shoes.

So are you curious to know what happen when a giant whale crashes on your office? Help us to make this project real.

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