Today We Get A Socialist Captain America... (SPOILERS)

Today We Get A Socialist Captain America… (SPOILERS)

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Despite beginning by punching out Adolf Hitler, Captain America has stayed relatively apolitical. He’s a soldier, doing what is ordered, sometimes rebelling against those orders when they are from a voice that is corrupt, but the actual political nuance has not bothered the character as much.

But that was Steve Rogers.


And this is from the new Sam Wilson: Captain America #1. When the ex-Falcon has been thinking. And possibly watching last night’s Democrat debate. And doesn’t want to just be a tool anymore.


A Captain America who takes sides in the national political debate? In the name of common sense and consensus politics?


So this is America. How do you think this is going to go down?

IMG_0002  So I’m guessing pro gun control? Increased healthcare? Closing down Guantanamo Bay? There’s only one name for all this


Basically what if Bernie Sanders was Captain America? Of course what many Americans see as a socialist, the rest of the world sees a right of centre, middle ground politician like Obama…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Where, in conjunction with the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, Orbital is pleased to present French artist Boulet in a special live-draw event with whiskey tasting on October 19th. Book now…


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