So Where Did All The Mutants Go? (Uncanny Avengers SPOILERS)

Remember when we had that story that Terrigen mists were going to make the mutants of the Earth sick so that they, apart from a select few who could survive the mists, would have to go off planet?  With Extraordinary X-Men originally planned to feature the X-Men who didn’t leave..

Much has changed since then. The X-Men editor left to start his own comic book company and the planned writer chose other priorities.

We know that the Terrigen mists have been confirmed for their mutant sickening, killing and sterilising abilities,

Well, today, we get confirmation that mutants have… gone. Somewhere. Unknown.


Could it be Europa? And Rogue pays the price for staying…


Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Where, in conjunction with the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, Orbital is pleased to present French artist Boulet in a special live-draw event with whiskey tasting on October 19th. Book now…


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