Friday The 13th Multiplayer Game Gets A KickStarter

We heard about the Friday the 13th game a while back, which was going to be an asymmetrical multiplayer game, that has one player playing a Jason and the others playing counsellors at a camp running from him. It’s real, and that’s exactly how it will play. It’s a really neat idea and it is consulting with a lot of the original creative forces on the movies.

Well, the project has now hit Kickstarter, and it is trying to rustle up $700,000 to complete the game. As of writing, it has just passed $250,000, so it seems to be on its way. To get a glimpse at the game, take a look at this announcement video.

I think there is a great idea in here, for sure. If the execution is there, this could feel wonderful to play, from a horror fan’s point of view.