Dino-Riders To Become A Feature Film

DRSeries1PictureAccording to The Tracking Board, Mattel and Solipsist Films are collaborating on a feature film based on Mattel’s Dino-Riders toy line from the early 1990s.

The toy line, originally developed by Tyco Toys, centered on the struggle between peaceful Valorians and the evil Rulons. Arriving on Earth roughly 65 million years ago, both groups used their technology to communicate with (or dominate) the dinosaurs already living on the planet.

Using prehistoric animals from roughly 200 million years of history, the toys feature technological accouterments and small humanoid figures. Beginning in 1988, the line produced four waves of dinosaur figures. It was also backed with a fourteen episode animated series in 1988.

At the time, no key production personnel are attached, but it proves just about any toy line can be considered for the Transformer treatment. Maybe it’s time for Air Raiders or The Visionaries to get their feature film moment in the sun.