NYCC '15: Alan Tudyk Talks Con Man Origins And Future

NYCC ’15: Alan Tudyk Talks Con Man Origins And Future

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By Rich Epstein

2015-10-09 19.00.31Ever wonder what happens when the stars of a canceled but beloved science fiction show sit around drinking?

Well, now you know: it’s Con Man.

Creator and star Alan Tudyk appeared at a New York Comic Con panel on Friday for the web-funded show. As the Firefly favorite tells it, he and former co-star Nathan Fillion were sitting around drinking in Fillion’s kitchen one night when Tudyk started spit-balling the idea. The two went back and forth, and soon Tudyk started writing.

Tudyk credits friends and Con Man co-stars Felicia Day and Seth Green for suggesting Indiegogo as a funding option. All in all, more than 46,000 people contributed and the web-series was born.

2015-10-09 19.16.56The panel, consisting of Tudyk, Fillion, Day, Green, Alison Haislip, Nolan North, and producer P. J. Haarsma was a lot of fun. All are friends, and they clearly had fun making the show. Fillion and Tudyk came out with masks of each other, and imitating one another.  There were lots of jokes back and forth, and the crowd had a great time.

The panel started with a clip of a future episode. Tudyk’s Firefly co-star Gina Torres was in it, and fans greeted the reunion enthusiastically. In the clip, Tudyk’s character attempts to do voice-over work for a war game, only it doesn’t go particularly well for him.

2015-10-09 19.37.40After the panel, the Q&A started.  Some highlights:

  • • A lot of the show comes directly from Tudyk’s life, including the scene in the clip; Tudyk was one of the voices on Halo.
  • • Tudyk hopes that the success of Con Man will help convince studios that there is a place for programming aimed at specific groups.
  • • When Tudyk and Fillion pitched the show to various studios, the executives wanted the convention goers to be the butt of the jokes. Tudyk and Fillion, who have a lot of experience at cons, didn’t want to make that kind of a show.
  • • When asked what kind of group the panel wants to see represented more, Day immediately responded “Women.”
  • • Everybody is on board for a second season. Green responded that he would sign up “unreservedly.” Fillion said that the show would be canceled just as it was really getting good, then a movie will be made where Tudyk will be killed off.
  • • Tudyk is happy to write the show in order to ensure his character survives for a change.
  • • Expect to see some other Firefly alumnus, including Summer Glau and Joss Whedon himself.
  • • We can look forward to comics, books, and a game.  The game is currently in production. Users will build a convention with Day guiding them, and many of the cast members will be involved.

Rich Epstein writes for Bleeding Cool.  He can be found on Twitter at @kaspe_r11

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