Take A Look At The Construction Of Halo 5's Score In 'The Sprint'

The Sprint has been a very interesting little series surrounding the creation of Halo 5: Guardians. It actually digs quite candidly into the high pressure situations it takes to get the game made.

This new video, which marks the start of Season 3, is a real treat though. It follows composer Kazuma Jinnouchi as he hops around the world recording the various parts of the massive sounding soundtrack. It also has a live rendition of the Blue Team theme within, that is really stunning. Take a look:

Everything I've heard out of this score so far is exceptional. I love what 343 have done with the soundtrack since the massive loss of Marty O'Donnell to the series. It's different, with its own identity, while still calling back to its predecessors. I can't wait to hear more.