SOMA Gets An Accolades Trailer On Top Of Good Sales Figured

SOMA really is a phenomenal experience. You can read my glowing review here if you haven't any idea what it is about, I suggest heading there or just picking the game up blindly. It's great.

It's why I'm very glad to hear that the game is doing well. In a blog post, developer Frictional Games has revealed quite candidly that the game has sold around 92,000 copies in 10 days. The post dove into it too, directly comparing the sales of the game to the developer's other titles.

How does this compare to our other releases? Well, Amnesia: The Dark Descent sold 30,000 copies in the first month (and around 20,000 the first week). So SOMA's launch is obviously a lot better than that. Compared to Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, though, the launch is a little bit worse. That game sold about 120,000 copies the first week.

It was also revealed that the sales so far will be enough to keep the company going for at least two years, which is great news. I want more from these talented developers.

To top it all off, this new trailer has been released, showing off the great critical reception of the game. Take a look:

Again, I really encourage you to give the game a look if you haven't yet. It is really very good.