George Miller Selects Himself Out Of Man Of Steel 2 Running

Whether or not Man of Steel 2 ever gets made, director George Miller indicates to Digital Spy that he's not ready to take on a mammoth production. Here's the video:

"I hope the next film I make is a very small film without any special effects and not many stunts," says the Mad Max director. After the long path to getting Mad Max: Fury Road to the screen, I don't blame him wanting to do something much more contained.

On the Man of Steel front, he says something was "in the mix," but the rumors are "probably not true." If you want to read tea leaves, he doesn't sound evasive. Maybe it was something seriously considered and dropped. Either way, it appears Miller will not be part of the sequel.

But of note to me is the mention of the other Mad Max script. Miller is "happy to say" there are discussions about a fifth film. Moreso than another Superman movie, I'd much rather see another Mad Max movie by Miller and the sorts of unexpected things he can create in his wasteland world.