The Rob Granito Of Buenos Aires?

Drawn by Dik Low from Malaysia and posted to DeviantArt a year ago.

star_lord_by_dik_theprince-d7w1oit (1)

And this is an image now claimed as theirs by CDC Cuadros de Comics of Buenos Aires and being sold for $650.

11990414_1487175624915844_622172206872533550_n (2)

Oh look, the signature changed. Who did it first do you think? CDC even shows some of their working out on another picture…

11885280_1480348788931861_9200134411883559186_n11143150_1480348802265193_356044032326786370_nOf course that is actually an image by Stephen Platt, scanned, run through a filter and printed.


So I’m probably on Team Dik Low. There are plenty more from CDC… this one only costs $600!


Anyone care to identify the original?


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