DC Comics Editors Strongly Urged To Use Affirmative Action When Hiring Writers And Artists

I get the word from good DC Comics sources that DC Entertainment editorial has been very strongly urged to start upping the numbers of female and non-white writers and artists on their books. And for white, male freelancers to be nudged down the submission pool.

Naturally I'm expecting the usual internet commentary which will revolve around:

  1. 1. I don't care what gender or colour the creators of my comic are as long as they are good. It shouldn't matter!
  2. 2. This is pure reverse-racism in action. What am I, as a struggling white male creator supposed to do now?
  3. 3. If more women and non-whites wanted to work in comics, they should apply. Hardly any of them try.
  4. 4. And the underlying "women are icky and black people scare me."

For the first, a greater breadth of experience within a creative team can offer a greater breath of stories and storytelling and attract a wider audience. For the second, there are many options in a still white male dominate comic book industry. For the third, role models and a visible positive path to success are very important. People don't think there's a future for them in a role if they only see people not like them in that role. The London Metropolitan Police had to actively go out and recruit black applicants at a time when such a career move was unthinkable. And it's  necessary step for many to move outside of their comfort zone. And for the fourth, well, there you go.

Maybe these charts will start to edge further across the dial….

UPDATE: The title originally used the term "positive discrimination". A British English term only it seems, it has now been amended to the American-English term "affirmative action."


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