Catwoman Is Getting Her Own DLC In Batman: Arkham Knight

Catwoman Is Getting Her Own DLC In Batman: Arkham Knight

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The Batman: Arkham Knight DLC has been a bit of a mess. There have been some neat cosmetics add to the game, but the story content in particular has disappointed many fans of those following.

Well, Rocksteady are going to have a few more bites at that apple with the release of a ton of DLC today, at the end of this month and in October. Out today, fans can enjoy the 2008 Tumbler from the Chris Nolan films. It is free to Season Pass holders and £1.69 separately. On top of that, an Arkham Asylum original Batman skin is also being added to the game for free.

On September 29th we are getting more content too. First the Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #2 is coming, with various challenge maps for Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Catwoman and the Batmobile being added to the game. There is also the GCPD Lockdown missions which take place after the events of Arkham Knight. It has you taking over Nightwing to try and stop the Penguins escape from prision.

Here is a trailer for the content:

And even beyond that, WB Games have promised even more content in October. You’ll be able to get Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile Pack. This is a throwback to the 1960s show and will give you access to the Batmobile, Catwoman, Robin skins all inspired by the series. There will be two new themed race tracks too to go with it.

On top of that, Catwoman will be getting her own story DLC too, which will revolve her seeking revenge on the Riddler after the events of the main story. Finally, you’ll also be getting the Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #3 which will feature Batman, Nightwing, Robin, and Azrael.

This is so much to parse, I don’t blame you if you are a little lost. While this is a confusing amount of content, at least there is a lot of it. It will all be included in the Season Pass, so you seem to at least be getting quantity for your buck. We will have to see about quality.

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