Peter Capaldi Discusses The Doctor’s New Guitar

Last night’s series 9 premiere of Doctor Who featured the Doctor introducing a new item to his tool kit of sonic screwdrivers, scarves, celery and bow ties: an electric guitar.

The BBC released an episode of Doctor Who Extra in which star Peter Capaldi and co-star Jenna Coleman talk about the new item and Capaldi’s fondness for it.


As fun as it is, I can’t quite see William Hartnell picking up an axe and shredding with a stack of amps behind him. Patrick Troughton, though, definitely. Granted, if I was to live for over 2,000 years, I’d eventually pick up an instrument or eight. It certainly sets the current Doctor apart from his predecessors, though, and recalls a time when Capaldi and noted Doctor Who fan Craig Ferguson were in a punk band together.