Scotland Yardie Returns In An Original Graphic Novel From Knockabout Comics

Posted by September 18, 2015 Comment

12025334_10153562779025126_90017090_nBobby Joseph is one of the main players in British independent comic books, and featured heavily in last year’s exhibition at the British Library.

He used to publish a British satirical comic book called Skank, which ran from 1993 to 1997. Billing itself as a black Viz, which was shut down after a legal threat from British athlete Linford Christie.

The comic featured once strip, Scotland Yardie, featuring a Jamaican-styled drug-using aggressive black policeman breaking the rules to enforce his own harsh sense of justice.

Now Bobby Joseph has written – and Joseph Samuels has drawn – a full colour original graphic novel featuring the character. Scotland Yardie will be published next summer by Knockabout Comics.

Dubbed a Black Lethal Weapon in South London, look out for it in July.

Here’s how it used to look…


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