Bill Finger To Receive Credit On Gotham, Batman V Superman

Bill-Finger-stock-photoAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Bill Finger, long noted as a significant contributor to the development of Batman, will receive credit for his work going forward. Beginning with the new season of Gotham and next summer’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Finger will be acknowledged for what DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson called in a statement his “significant role in DC Comics‘ history.”

Finger was also instrumental in the creation of Green Lantern, Wildcat, the Joker and many other DC characters that have found their way into film and television. He also introduced the Tyrannosaurus Rex and giant penny often spied in the Batcave.

The writer was also the subject of Marc Tyler Nobleman‘s Bill the Boy Wonder, which helped fuel the fire to see Finger acknowledged in recent years.

It is unclear what the exact wording will be of Finger’s acknowledgement or when it will begin to appear on Gotham, a name he also formalized for Batman’s beleaguered city.