Justice League Unlimited Blu-Ray In The Works

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amiblueTV Shows On DVD reports the thirty-nine episodes of Justice League Unlimited will appear on Blu-ray soon.

According to the site, DC animated releases from last week include an insert proclaiming the series’ imminent arrival on Blu. Unfortunately, no specific details are contained on the insert except the URL for the Warner Archive, Warner Home Video’s manufacture on demand and streaming content website.

The Warner Archive already produces Blu-ray MOD titles. They also make less popular TV shows, like the short lived Starman, available to fans. It is unclear, however, if the JLU complete series set will be a Warner Archive title.

I know I’m more excited for these episodes than the initial Justice League series that proceeded it. My favorite episode of any DC Animated Universe cartoon — the one in which Wonder Woman is turned into a pig and Batman must sing “Am I Blue?” to secure her release from a swine’s life — is an early episode in the series and its mix of guest characters, ongoing storylines and episodes featuring The Question could not be beat.

Hopefully, we’ll learn when the title will actually be available shortly.

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