Simon Kinberg Defines X-Men Continuity

simon-kinbergX-Men: Days of Future Past writer and current X-Men franchise producer Simon Kinberg tells MTV News that Deadpool and Gambit will be part of the overall X-Men film continuity. In fact, he established how the film series — which includes the original films, the Wolverine films, and X-Men: First Class — will work going forward. As he explained:

We’ve sort of reset the timeline after Days of Future Past in some ways, and if not erased, certainly allowed for change from X1, 2, 3, everything from Days of Future Past forward, 1973, everything we set now becomes canon

Almost sounds like Apple or Microsoft announcing they will no longer support older hardware, doesn’t it? It’s interesting one of the films even addresses the continuity issues, but I suppose that makes it very faithful to X-Men comics with its time travel, reality bending and long continuity.

Kinberg goes on to explain that while not all of the films will feature all of the characters, “they all have to exist within the same rules.” I wonder what that means for Deadpool‘s presumed fourth-wall breaking. Come to think of it, Kinberg is not directly involved in the next Wolverine movie, either. Will that production, to be led by returning director James Mangold, also abide by the rules set for the rest of the X-Men world?