Red Wolf Can Keep His Shirt On

Red_Wolf_1_Keown_VariantHere is the Dale Keown variant cover to Red Wolf #1, the new comic from Nathan Edmonson and Dalibor Talajić and standard cover artist Jeffrey Veregge (reported originally as the internal artist). Which might see those whole Hip-Hop variant cover issues revisited…. anyway.

 Recently seen within the pages of Secret Wars’ 1872, this new hero is suddenly thrust into the new Marvel Universe as its latest righteousness defender no matter what it takes! An outsider and an honest man, Red Wolf is going to need all his wits, and both his fists, to serve and protect this new world from the corrupt organizations that want to control this already stifling landscape of the gritty and harsh American Southwest.



Which does seem to answer one concern expressed on Bleeding Cool…

So why is Red Wolf’s lack of a shirt such a problem? The Hulk often goes without a shirt, and I’m not levying the same criticisms against his design. The main difference here is that the Hulk’s body is an image of superhero empowerment. Red Wolf, on the other hand, is involved in a much longer and more problematic history of colonial rule. The reason I fixate on Red Wolf’s shirtlessness is that the non-European body has often served as a site of imperialist rhetoric. The unclothed or partially unclothed body was often depicted as an excuse to subjugate, serving to justify exploitation and violence enacted upon Native Americans.


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