Islamic Transgender Pop Star Comic, Antistar, By Ales Kot From Image In January 2016 (UPDATE)

We brok31MnFwOoSHLe the story back in 2013, that Ales Kot was working on a new graphic novella about an Islamic transgender pop star, called Anti-Star.

We later learned that it would be with Christian Ward.

Well, it's just hit Amazon. Dropping the hyphen, from Image Comics and scheduled for January. Available for order here in the US and here in the UK.

And here's the solicit text…

In the future, you become famous. In the future, you sell your product. In the future, when there's nowhere else to go, you sign up for Antistar. And if you manage to get inside the most prestigious pop music reality show of the future and win the main prize? The prize is near-eternal fame. The prize is your family's near-eternal financial sufficiency. The prize is your death. Welcome to Antistar.

UPDATE: Despite the listing, and visual, Christian Ward is no longer attached to this project.





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