The Most Interesting Of Plugs For Bleeding Coolers Past And Present

511DIXQFdTL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Bleeding Cool writer Dan Wickline is giving his novel Deadly Creatures: A Lucius Fogg Mystery away free on Kindle this weekend, through till Monday. This was the book that he wrote most of live on Twitter years ago…

Available free on Kindle US and Kindle UK.

He’s working on the third book in the series, Educated Corpses right now.

Brendon Connelly, ex-Head Film writer is looking for a storyboard artist for his short film, Locked In. He writes,

It’s a story about sadness, loneliness, and having something unresolved that you have needed to address for a very, very long time. It’s a kind of ghost story too, and it will play brilliantly to people who, like me, love horror films.

I need to find department heads – a DP, an editor, a production designer, a costumier.

I need to cast the film.

We will need locations, and a schedule, and equipment, and the remainder of the crew.

Or, to put all of that another way: so far there’s me and a script.

And I’ll need to somehow find whatever money it takes to pay for all of the things the film needs.

Going step by step, I think the next thing is for me to storyboard the film. An artist willing to work with me to get those boards done will be the first person I want to find. Somebody I can sit down with for a day to hash the whole set of boards out.

Those storyboards will be helpful in all future steps, including casting and crewing up.

unnamed (2)Get in touch if you can offer any help.

And Lee “Budgie” Barnett who used to write The Adult In The Room for Bleeding Cool has all grown up, writing for Mitch Benn‘s current Radio 4 show, Mitch Benn Has Left The Building this Tuesday at 6.30pm.

He also contributed to Mitch Benn Is The Fat Pink Duke, currently available here.

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