Streaming: Now More Popular Than Reading or Sex?

Posted by September 5, 2015 Comment

netflix-logoAccording to a new study, people watch Netflix on average about ninety minutes a day. Which might make me something of an anomaly, as I typically only watch Netflix for roughly ninety minutes a week — at the gym during my cardio days.

Exstreamist reports the study, conducted by The Diffusion Group, shows binging on a Netflix original, like Daredevil, or one of their remaining film options outranks eating, reading and sex.  Each takes up an average of seventy, forty-nine and two minutes a day, respectively. Granted, the site compares the ninety minute finding to other published daily averages from various sources, including the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Also, it is unclear if the study takes into account that many other activities — sex included — can happen with Netflix streaming in the background. I know I can’t focus on work or reading with video on, but I know a few people who can. Being able to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation while on the AMT makes my workout a lot more bearable. During the TV season, I usually stream The Flash or Arrow as well.

One thing’s for sure: instant access to content proved very powerful, very quickly. And now powerful companies are competing for those eyeballs … and maybe those last two minutes.

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