Go On A Swashbuckling Adventure With Cursed Pirate Girl Annual #1 In October

Go On A Swashbuckling Adventure With Cursed Pirate Girl Annual #1 In October

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The next chapter of Jeremy Bastian’s swashbuckling adventure is about to release from Archaia. Cursed Pirate Girl Annual #1, an oversized, prestige annual is the first installment of Volume 2 of Cursed Pirate Girl and continues the fiery Cursed Pirate Girl’s journey as she and the young Apollonia search for the pirate girl’s father, one of the pirate captains of the dreaded Omerta Seas.

BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon shared his thoughts on the book by saying:

Jeremy’s richly detailed artwork is a stunning, beautiful combination of Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean, and 19th-century political cartoons. It’s absolutely unlike anything in modern comics, and we’re thrilled to bring the next installment in the Cursed Pirate Girl’s adventure to readers.

Publishers Weekly added:  

Bastian’s art captures 19th-century humorous illustration and cartoon styles with deliberate grotesques and complex visual clutter—think Thomas Nast meets Albrecht Dürer…the result is both a beautiful object and an evocative adventure.

There aren’t many things that Archaia releases that I don’t like. You can always bet that the comics that come from the publisher are going to be high quality, beautiful creations. Cursed Pirate Girl sounds right up my alley. A cryptic pirate tale? Yes, please! Cursed Pirate Girl Annual #1 contains 54 pages of all-new story and arrives in comic shops on October 14th.


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