Diamond’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens Stock Sold Out In Half An Hour

Posted by September 5, 2015 Comment

STK688475At one minute past midnight, Diamond Comic Distributors put their Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys on-line for comic book shops to order.

Half an hour later they had all gone.

From the  Snow Mission Armor Packs to Millennium Falcons to Kylo Ren to First Order Stormtrooper. There was nothing to be ordered. Not a Rey or Finn in sight. Even the Funko Pops went.

Was you retailer lucky? You should be able to tell by their tired happy faces – or tired grumpy faces.

Could Dennis Barger have missed out on that as well, since he was out of the office?


(Last Updated September 4, 2015 3:24 pm )

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