Up Close With the Batman V Superman Batmobile

Up Close With the Batman V Superman Batmobile

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Joining its Bat-brethren at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Burbank is the newest Batmobile to be featured in next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In celebration of its arrival, Warner Bros. posted a video of the car wheeling its way into the picture car vault:


Y’know, I’ve never noticed how much it resembles the Batmobile that overtakes Batman: Arkham Knight. Sleeker, of course, as the game version retains more of the chunkiness of the Batman Begins Tumbler — and yes, both are clearly inspired by the earlier vehicle — but I could see this one switching into tank mode and firing on drones.

The car will be available for viewing from today through the 31st of December. The tour also features some of the Dawn of Justice costumes along with other props and items of interest from Warners’ 90+ years in the business. The Justice costumes will be gone after September 23rd, however.

Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice opens on March 26th, 2016.

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