Jimmy Kimmel Plays Rocket League With YouTubers To Cool Gamer Drama

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I haven’t been writing about the whole Jimmy Kimmel vs Gamers thing for the last few days, because… well, the idea of reporting on another instance of someone who doesn’t get games saying something to get a laugh and a part of the gaming community taking it way too seriously is ludicrously played out.

If you’ve not been following this whole thing though, Jimmy Kimmel basically made fun of people who like to watch Let’s Plays. Some of those people then lashed out quite vehemently, making death threats to him, his family and his non-existent cat. Kimmel then poked the bear a little more, to expected affect.

Last night, Kimmel did extend a peace branch to the group though by inviting insanely popular Let’s Players Markiplier and Jonna Mae on to play some games with him and talk it out. While it was maybe a little frosty, and jabs were still made, they seemed to have fun. Take a look here:

Let’s hope all this goes away now. Being insecure about people making jokes about a thing you like is silly. You don’t need Jimmy Kimmel’s approval to enjoy watching other people play games.

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