Batman: Arkham Knight PC Interim Patch Has Been Released

Arkham KnightThe Batman: Arkham Knight on PC story has been kind of nuts. The game notoriously launched in a terrible state, causing WB Games and Rocksteady to pull the version of the game from Steam in an unprecedented move. That was back in June.

Now, in early September, the ‘interim’ patch has finally been released. A few days ago, Kotaku reported that the patch had snuck out for some people and early word was good, with smoother frame rates and less problems. The patch has seen a full release now, meaning that PC players should expect a smoother experience.

This isn’t the full re-release, mind. There are still more patches and changes coming. You still can’t buy the game on Steam and after a quick perusal of the community boards, it seems there are still some problems. For those who can get the game working though, it looks like everything is running better. I’ll keep you updated on the full re-release of the game.

You can read the changes here.