Jungle Cruise Will Be Set in the 1920s, Says Dwayne Johnson

Continuing Disney‘s sporadic ride-to-film slate (anchored, of course, by the successful Pirates of the Caribbean series) is the upcoming Jungle Cruise, based on the ride that opened at Disneyland on the park’s first day in 1955.

It has had several updates since, I assure you.

Dwayne Johnson was announced as the star a few weeks back and yesterday posted this picture to his ever-informative Instagram account (via Slashfilm):

One of the last hashtags, you’ll note, is “#DamnRightIWillStillBeHandsomeInThe1920s.” The ride has a certain throwback charm with its roughly 1920s riverboat theme. And with Pirates being the only truly successful ride-to-film attempt to date (the less said about Haunted Mansion and Country Bears the better), emulating that formula makes perfect sense.

Which, I would imagine, makes adapting Space Mountain pretty tough.