Weirdworld Continues Past Secret Wars In December, With A Female Lead

Weirdworld Continues Past Secret Wars In December, With A Female Lead

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Weirdworld_1_CoverJoining A-Force and Old Man Logan, Weirdworld will, somehow, continue past the Secret Wars, into All-New All-Different Marvel in December from Sam Humphries and Mike Del Mundo.

“Weirdworld is a place where anything can happen… Weirdworld is a place inside the Marvel Universe. Weirdworld is a place where the lost can be found. But only if you’re strong enough…” – Sam Humphries

Any chance of a Crystal warrior or two?

Imagine a world of sword and sorcery, a land where lost things go. Now imagine being trapped there with zero sword or sorcery experience! Meet Becca, an ordinary girl in an extraordinary world with one mission in mind – GET HOME ALIVE! Easier said than done! But how did she come to be here? And how can she hope to escape in one piece?

So… who will be the first to cosplay as Becca? But she’s not alone…

No. The first character Becca encounters is Ogeode, a wizard who claims to be able to bring Earth and Weirdworld together. He’s like a grotty backwoods derelict who stumbled out of the swamp with the key to saving the world…if only he can tell anyone in time.

The second character Becca encounters is Goleta, an unruly seven foot tall barbarian warrior, who calls herself the Wizardslayer. She’s like a non-stop party carrying a broadsword and a deep hatred for wizards. Oh, and she drives a bad ass muscle car.

The third character Becca encounters is Catbeast.

Looks like you have a few to choose from. We also get Morgan Le Fey, Black Knight is part of this world, and there’s more to come…

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