Secrets Of The Battleworld - Things Start To Come To An End (SPOILERS)

Secrets Of The Battleworld – Things Start To Come To An End (SPOILERS)

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Okay, so there are going to be spoilers going on.

Intriguingly, I never saw any kind of resolution ot a book such as Age Of Ultron Vs. Marvel Zombies, considering how the Deadlands relate to the rest of the Battleworld. But blow me down if the last issue of the series does that, doing away with the threat entirely. Are there other Ultrons out there? Other zombies? Because if not, one of the main concepts of the Battleworld has been done away with. An actual victory in a spinoff series. Will that affect the other books?

Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies 004-014

While Star-Lord & Kitty Pryde gives us a glimpse of someone else that might have survived the end of the Marvel 616 Earth… or at least a bit of him.

Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde (2015-) 003-014

And Thors also have something that survives, not an object, nor a person, but a name or two…

Thors (2015-) 003-009

While Age Of Apocalypse heads towards its own conclusion as Magneto realises…

Age of Apocalypse 003-014

…hang on, isn’t that what humans always do? Surely it can’t be much of a surprise by now. Especially on the rather anti-mutant Battleworld.


Still at least there is House Of M as a rare alternative…

While we get a very heroic Venom in Spider-Verse – check the heroic speedlines for his inspirational monologue!
Spider-Island (2015) 003-011

Not quite as verbose over in Hail Hydra though…

Hail Hydra (2015-) 002-012Maestro gets his wish in Future Imperfect… so how will he fare against a god?


After all, this is a Doom who, as Starlord & Kitty Pryde, chose to gather all the Kitty Prydes together…

In Squadron Sinister, we get the same with all the Starbrands….
ssAnd in Thors, with all the Donald Blakes and Jane Fosters….

Thors (2015-) 003-014

Yeah, we can’t end on that note, how about a look at the Whizzer in Squadron Sinister in a different multiversial light?


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