Portal Content In LEGO Dimensions Outlined In Video

Posted by September 2, 2015 Comment

One of the most bizarre yet exciting inclusions in LEGO Dimensions is Portal. While most of the other franchises are huge mainstays in the public eye, Portal breaks that mold a little by being a beloved gaming series. That’s not to say the game is small by any means, but…well, it isn’t Lord of the Rings or Batman.

I’m all for it too, There is a lot of potential for things you can do by mixing this world with that of other franchises. But how much Portal will there actually be in LEGO:Dimensions? Well, that is really two questions. How big will it be in the standalone starter pack game, and how big will the standalone Portal level pack be? While you won’t get entirely specific answers, this video from IGN (via VG247) outlines the content somewhat.

Take a look here:

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