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Last week, Matt Kindt’s critically acclaimed psychic spy series Mind MGMT concluded with Dark Horse at 36 issues. In the backmatter farewell on the letters page of the final issue, Kindt shares how emotional he was three years ago when he wasn’t sure he’d be able to continue the series long enough to implement his ideas for the story fully. He didn’t know what the sales figures would be like and it seemed a little impossible that it would be a success.

Now, looking back, he’s very grateful that you, the readers, gave him the chance to do that. And fan reaction to the conclusion of the series has been big.

First, a fan posted an image on Twitter of all the covers of Mind MGMT’s 36 issue run:

Then, Matt Kindt picked up the photo and shared it:

Let’s take a closer look: CN6s4gCUEAA3R9JThe series has made a big statement for highly individualistic cover art that adds artistically and thematically to the contents of a particular issue. Let’s hope they influence other artists to be as experimental, too. I asked Mr. Kindt if there was a secret code revealed when you put all the covers together. This is actually not beyond the scope of things Kindt does in the comic itself to hide clues and messages (get out your magnifying glass and always read the margins of his work), but he replied in the negative, however, with a reminder:

I actually missed that since 6 was the issue I came in on when it was first being published! I’ll have to go back and reassemble…

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