Comics, And Other Folk, React To Marvel Studios Feige/Perlmutter News

Comics, And Other Folk, React To Marvel Studios Feige/Perlmutter News

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I’ve been working through the news that Marvel Studios’ film division will now report directly to Disney rather than be part of the Marvel whole. I have a variety of well-sourced takes that I’m hoping to run tomorrow if I can get all my Howard The Ducks in a row.

But with the news of Marvel’s Creative Committee being disbanded, and all sorts of folks wondering what’s up… here are some more folks wondering what’s up.

Mike Wellman Run free, Kevin! Run like the wind!

Matt Adler I honestly don’t think any big changes will result.

David Gallaher Wow. Just Wow!

Marie Javins Amazing industry news.

One word of warning. There are some terrible stories about Isaac Perlmutter out there. That’s because the spin has been solely coming out of the Feige camp. But there are two sides to every story. There has been no site more critical of Isaac Perlmutter than Bleeding Cool, but amongst that I have always credited him with the Marvel movies existing in the first place and taking the form that they have. There’s a lot more to come out… he is, if nothing else, a fighter.

See you on Bleeding Cool later. I’m going dark…

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