Batmansplaining To The Joker’s Daughter In Detective Comics (SPOILERS)

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Detective Comics (2011-) 044-000Today’s Detective Comics has a rather fetching cover, don’t you think?

Detective Comics (2011-) 044-005

The insides aren’t bad either as a Joker giant robot goes on the rampage in Gotham, and up against the Robobatman piloted by Jim Gordon. But who’s underneath that metal smile?

Detective Comics (2011-) 044-015

There’s a familiar face. Okay, it’s still not her face, but at least it has managed not to completely rot off… so what’s her deal this time?

Detective Comics (2011-) 044-016 What, she just found a giant robot hanging around on the street? Where do they think they are, Metropolis?

Detective Comics (2011-) 044-016a

Well this Batman punches women, just like the old Batman did I suppose…

jokerversushuntress09batshiva23 batman_spanking_02


Okay, that last once was a dream sequence. But it’s down to Gordon to do a little Batmansplaining…

Detective Comics (2011-) 044-016b


Jim, she just…. well, you explain it to Harvey.

Detective Comics (2011-) 044-020Right, she kidnapped a scientist, forced him to make a giant robot suit, which must have taken a fortune and an age, as well as assassins for a tech heist… and you say she’s not ready for Gotham?


Detective Comics #44 by Brian Buccellato and Fernandi Blanco is published today.


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