32 Thoughts About 32 Comics – Everyone’s Going To Greenland

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It’s been gone a while, but now it’s back. X Thoughts about X Comics, all published today…

And it seems that everyone’s going to Greenland.

Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde (2015-) 003-004

First Kitty Pryde, as an alternative to being with Gambit in Star-Lord & Kitty Pryde… as awell as a reference to a certain Spider-film…


Then We Stand On Guard, as the USA continues to annexe Canada. But anyway, Greenland is so 2008….

Detective Comics (2011-) 044-023Harvey Bullock gives sartorial advice to Jim Gordon in Detective Comics. Though you know, Jarvey, with that hat and that coat, all you need is a monocle, a little dog, a beard and some tartan and you may be getting close yourself…


Bob’s Burgers #3 gives you a sneak peek at what Dynamite has planned for its James Bond comic books.


Regular Show #27 continues the debate. Which side are you on? And what are you reading this article on?

Spider-Island (2015) 003-014 Best gag of the day goes to Spider-Island. Just no one tell this Hulk that spiders aren;t insects, okay?


Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows continue to freak the reader out with the slowed down mundanity of horror and the way it is perceived in Providence #4. Or not. And letting the reader work out exactly what is going on before the protagonists so we scream “No! Don’t go into the shed!” before we even see the shed…

Danger Girl Renegade #1

Okay, I really don’t want to know where she’s hiding it, do you? Danger Girl: Renegade #1 there…


Crossed: Badlands #84 sees our besieged crew consulting a zombie survival guide With lots of rules, guidelines and suggestions to survive a very fictional event that have proved quite popular on the bookshelves. So… how will it cope with the Crossed? I’m going to bet, not too well…

Bat-Mite (2015-) 004-011

Booster Gold gets revamped by Bat-Mite. This is one of those meat-and-potatoes moves, isn’t it?

Jem #6

I believe they were born ready. Jem & The Holograms #6



From Jupiter’s Circle, looks like someone might have read Go Tell A Watchman long before the rest of us…More Than Meets The Eye #44If you can’t see them, they can’t see you. Always works. The Transformers from More Than Meets The Eye #44 should give it a go.


As long as they don’t transform into flammable Sherman tanks. From War Stories #12…


Tini Howard and Philip Sevy‘s Poseidon IX #1 comes from Image/Top Cow wherein a bunch of shirtless cyborg men wage oceanic war against a giant sea monster. Poseidon, as you can see, is a little sassy – but that sort of comes with the territory when you’re a narcissistic robot-god surrounded by worshippers and clone-slaves. A bit like Kevin Feige….


In Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill #2 from Matt Hawkins and Linda Sejic – Commander Honor Harrington and her two best crewmen prove that even in the far-flung future, casino tropes haven’t changed much.


Betty & Veronica Comics Annual #236 demonstrates the latest rape prevention technology. There really is nothing these comics won’t attempt, is there?

SonicBoom11Sonic Boom #11 shows that Knuckles’ take on speed aerodynamics may be lacking.


Aliens/Vampirella #1 warns us all of the danger of rushing your food.


Swords of Sorrow: Miss Fury/Lady Rawhide #1 makes me wonder if she brought the Waynes with her as well…


Yeah, I mean, guys, the ladies can work this all out above, don’t let the gentlemen fall behind, in Masks 2 #6


A nice transposition of shadow to reality in The Shadow #2, with some excellent nose definition as well!


Mike likes dancing, and mini-burgers and mini-breaks to European cities. His politics are conservative but he voted for Obama last time. Mike just wants to be loved, in Justice Inc.: The Avenger #4.



I will go myself! Thank you Uncanny: Season 2 #6!

Cluster_007_panelA dink, Cluster #7? Everyone but Image is just pussy-footing around language today.


And, no, not that kind of pussy. The Garfield liberation squad invade John Flood #2 (of 6). Well, cats re never going to do t for themselves are they? Just far too lazy. As ever, they make humans do it.


Okay almost everyone, Federal Bureau Of Physics #24. BUt looks like you have your own in-built and suddenly-generated censors…



Though the kids are all right in Plutona. Time for a superhero version of Stand By Me


Of course, this guy could be saying anything in The Woods #16 and we just wouldn’t know…

Angel & Faith Season 10 018-009

She’s not a lunch lady, she’s a Terminator. Oh wait, no, that was the actress from a different Joss Whedon show. Angel & Faith goes to school..


Toil and Trouble #1 (of 6) has Mairghread Scott‘s first creator-owned project reimagining Macbeth as told from the witches’ point of view. It’s always thunder, lightning and rain with that lot. Worth bearing in mind that they are guardians of order, rather than chaos, restoring the natural line… even if they made it deviate in the first place. We are their playthings….

The Omega Men (2015-) 004-013Omega Men just can’t move on without chopping people’s heads off. i think it’s now the theme for the comic book. But in this issue, they turn it into an art…


Welcome to the New Thangarians in Green Lantern, and a meat-and-potatoes spinoff comic and toyline for next year if things go well… but it’s “welcome, welcome…”

So… what are you picking up?

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