Preview The Colorful Covers Of Adventure Time: Eye Candy Vol. 2 Mathematical Edition, Out This Week

Posted by September 1, 2015 Comment

KaBOOM! an imprint of the awesome BOOM! Studios is about to release an epic Adventure Time book entitled, Adventure Time: Eye Candy Vol. 2 Mathematical Edition HC. Feast your eyes on this limited edition hardcover that collects all of the covers by a host of talented artists from Adventure Time #16-30, Adventure Time Annual #1, Adventure Time 2013 Summer Special #1, Adventure Time 2013 Spoooktacular #1, Adventure Time 2014 Winter Special #1, and Adventure Time 2014 Annual #1.

Even if you’re not a super fan of the show, these comics are incredibly creative and fun to read. The art work alone is enough to make me buy this hardcover edition. Take a look at some of the covers below, and be sure to pick up your copy of Adventure Time: Eye Candy Vol. 2 Mathematical Edition HC this week.


AdventureTime_EyeCandy_v2_PRESS-11 AdventureTime_EyeCandy_v2_PRESS-12 AdventureTime_EyeCandy_v2_PRESS-13 AdventureTime_EyeCandy_v2_PRESS-14 AdventureTime_EyeCandy_v2_PRESS-15 AdventureTime_EyeCandy_v2_PRESS-16 AdventureTime_EyeCandy_v2_PRESS-17 AdventureTime_EyeCandy_v2_PRESS-19 AdventureTime_EyeCandy_v2_PRESS-20 AdventureTime_EyeCandy_v2_PRESS-21

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