Apple Looking Into Original Content

Apple-logoCiting sources within the company, Variety reports tech giant Apple is exploring its options toward creating original content. Their sources say “preliminary conversations” were held in recent weeks with Hollywood executives.

Some of their sources qualify these conversations as a “flirtation,” while others indicate Apple is looking to compete directly with Netflix, with a new division creating long form content. They suggest a firm will being scouting talent to staff the division with a projected start date sometime next year. One source pointed to Apple’s recent attempt to secure Top Gear’s former hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond as an indication of their increased interest.

For us on the ground, it means another service, device, ecosystem and subscription fee to consider — though Variety notes they may stay with the a la carte model or even try an ad supported system.

Soon, the various streaming service offerings might even resemble a mystery box with a large number of unknown quantities attached to the monthly payment, depending on the brand recognition to bring in viewers. In the case of Apple, it may even mean courting a known brand or creator to the provide content to the service. That may be necessary if the company expects users to buy hardware, most likely the Apple TV, to utilize the service.

Of course, this is all still early days for Apple’s possible move into content, but should they move ahead with their usual zeal, it will definitely alter the shape of streaming content and how we interface with it.