Who Will Be Drawing The Dark Knight III Retailer Exclusive Covers?

Posted by August 31, 2015 Comment

DKIIIBleeding Cool previously told you that DC Comics was to launch their very first retailer exclusive variants, for the launch of the upcoming Dark Knight III: The Master Race series, looking to repeat Marvel’s Star Wars launch model.

But which artists would be available for retailers for said exclusive covers?

Jim Lee? Greg Capullo? Andy Kubert?

No, no, no. Or, at least, they may have already been snapped by by the likes of Midtown…

But they can get Bryan Hitch. Or Marc Silvestri.

Hitch is currently drawing Justice League Of America for DC (though I like to slap an “All-Star” before that title, when reading)

But Marc Silvestri hasn’t done anything, officially, for DC Comics in a while. Could this be a precursor to his much rumoured and much delayed Batman series from DC Comics finally getting onto the schedule?

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