Spidey Gear Focus of Civil War Rumor

Spidey Gear Focus of Civil War Rumor

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Amazing_Spider-Man_Vol_1_529_page_08_Peter_Parker_(Earth-616)Latino Review claims Captain America: Civil War will feature a riff on one of the comic book series’ more design-conscious choices: the Iron Spider armor.

You may recall in Civil War, Tony Stark gave Peter Parker new threads in the form an Iron Man-color coded suit of armor. Dubbed the “Iron Spider” and kitted with Stark technology, the web-crawler used it while he backed Tony during the event that split the Marvel universe in two. According to the rumor, the Iron Spider armor will not be featured in the film, but Stark will still outfit Peter with an essential piece of gear.

Spoiler Warning for your protection.

According to the report, “Stark will be the one responsible for creating Spidey’s web shooters.” As seen elsewhere, Parker’s initial Spider-Man costume will be more off-the-shelf and what Latino Review calls “things a teenager has access to.” Earlier reports also suggested Stark may offer the teen hero the more traditional Spidey costume. It was unclear if the costume would include the web shooters, however.

Originally a creation of Parker’s love for science, screen version of Spider-Man change the origin of the web shooters. In the Sam Raimi series, a genetic mutation caused Peter to grow organic web shooters while the two Amazing Spider-Man films made the webbing a collaboration of Peter and his father, with the younger Parker utilizing notes the elder left behind in a briefcase.

If true, it makes sense that Tony would be behind the technology, as any gear not derived from the Kree ends up being a Stark design, much to the consternation of Hank Pym. At the same time, Peter’s science background is one of the more interesting things about him. Figuring out a piece of gear like the web shooters would set him apart in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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