Imperial Dispatch: More Force Friday Images, Vader Street in Iceland

Posted by August 31, 2015 Comment

gzaMHTRWith Force Friday nearly upon us, posted several new pieces of artwork to appear in stores during the promotion, several of which feature new shots of Kylo Ren, Rey, BB-8 and Chewbacca.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the people of Rejkjavik, Iceland will now have a Darth Vader Street in their town. Mayor Dagur Eggertsson tweeted the former Bratthofoi street will now be known as Svarthofoi — literally “black-head” — the name used for Vader in the Icelandic localization of Star Wars. Located in the Hofoi industrial district, fans sought to rename a street after the Sith Lord there due to the curious naming convention in which all streets in the area end in “hofoi,” meaning “head” or “headland.”

Collectors on the Internet were abuzz over the weekend when images of a possible Black Series Luke Skywalker action figure appeared online. It later turned out to be a custom figure based on the earlier leaked image of Mark Hamill as the older Jedi.

Also, late on Friday, the Star Wars Facebook page responded to one fan’s difficulty with Captain Phasma’s unisex armor:

fbscreenshotPithy responses from official social media accounts? What a time to be alive. The comment has since been removed, but it sparked some interesting debates about whether or not armor should reveal gendered characteristics and other practical and tactical concerns. I’m sure the Star Wars cosplay community figured a lot of this out years ago.

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