We Be Geeks Episode 134: Flash, Booster Gold, And The Spoils Card Game With Ian Spiegel-Blum And Chris Medina

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Bleeding Cool welcomes back We Be Geeks, hosting a variety of guests and covering a wide range of geek topics.


This week on We Be Geeks, Mike, Julz, and Derrick (minus Brett) are getting excited for season 2 of The Flash. Joining the character cast for season 2, is Jesse Quick, and villain, Tokamak. Nathan Fillion is interested in playing Booster Gold, and he seems like a pretty good fit. The guests of honors for tonight were Director of Operations, Ian Spiegel-Blum & Director of R&D Christopher Medina from The Spoils card game. Ian and Christopher gave We Be Geeks an inside look at the game. The game itself is a “box of awesome”, and has everything you need for your next game night.

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